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Fit-testing is a method of ensuring an initial good fit for respiratory protection. The largest contributor to reduced protection is a poor fit.

It is now a legal requirement to fit-test every user to ensure that their respiratory protection will offer the required protection. Fit-testing is also a very useful teaching aid to illustrate the importance of correct fitting and daily fit-checking.

The 3M FT-10 and FT-30 Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus are designed for fit-testing any negative-pressure particulate respirator or gas and vapour respirator with a particulate pre-filter.

The initial fit-test is normally conducted at a training session when introducing new respiratory protective equipment (RPE). This test is normally only repeated if the user has a significant change in weight or facial features which may affect the fit of their RPE.

The FT-10 and FT-30 Kits follow the same test procedure using different test solutions. The FT-10 Kit uses a 'sweet' solution. The FT-30 Kit uses an alternative 'bitter' solution as some people are unable to detect the sweet solution.

It is important that users also conduct a suitable 'fit-check' each time they wear their RPE. (The fit-check is detailed on the fitting instructions).

If the user cannot achieve a satisfactory face-fit they should see their supervisor and consider an alternative form of respiratory protection.


The kits comprise:

  • Fit Test Instruction Booklet
  • Hood & Collar assembly
  • Nebulisers
  • Sensitivity Solution

Fit Test Solution
(Saccharin or Bittrex solutions)

3M Fit Testing Technical Bulletin (PDF file 86K)

3M Fit Testing Report Card (PDF file 18K)